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Basic Pistol Course (Beginners / Ladies)

This course is for the beginner or first time shooter that has purchased a gun for personal protection and teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely. The course is taught by an experienced former law enforcement officer with extensive firearms training. Range time is conducted in a controlled environment without distractions.

Course Requirements: 50 rounds of ammunition, personal firearm, and eye and ear protection.

Course Prerequisites: None

Students Will Learn: Handgun safety and gun handling, pistol parts, operation, and maintenance, types of ammunition, basic shooting fundamentals, range rules, target identification, Strong hand shooting, point shooting.

Ladies Only Classes: (same as above class but designed for the ladies)

Women face different dangers than men.  This course recognizes and addresses the unique threats to women.  The focus will be on marksmanship and gun handling skills including handgun fundamentals, weapons presentation, how to carry, where to carry, ready positions, loading/unloading, malfunction clearances and more. Upon completion of the Women’s Handgun Fundamentals, students will be grounded in handgun safety and marksmanship fundamentals.

We are now offering personalized, one on one beginner handgun instruction.  This option offers the student personal one on one attention with the instructor which allows us to give more attention to your specific needs as a shooter.  Please inquire on the contact page for more information.